3 Best Vacation Destinations To Be A Black Woman This Summer

Summer has arrived and it’s time for you to be seen. If you haven’t already made the switch from spring to summer fashion you’re probably in need of a range of changes, such as some serious swimsuit styling or a new pair of bikini heels. But don’t forget that, when your self-confidence means everything, summer is going to be all about knowing and going to the best places for you to act your beautiful, black self.

3. The Bahamas

A Caribbean vacation is for some a dream and for others an annual reality.

But once, twice or however many times you wish to visit, if you choose the Bahamas you won’t be disappointed.

The islands of the Bahamas are multiple and varied in their attractions. Crystal blue waters, warm seas and white sandy beaches, though, are everywhere you turn.

The Bahamas tends to be considered a family vacation spot because of the safety and serenity it has become known for. However, the small Caribbean nation, with its British colonial heritage and African influences, has established for itself an extremely diverse tourism industry.

If you’re looking for fun in the sun, many islands and resorts offer all-day Bahamian rum parties. The Bahamas is also an increasingly common Spring Break destination.

Visiting the Colonial sites of the Bahamas and shopping up on exclusively Caribbean styles and colors is always an option if you want to escape the sand.

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And if you want fun in a swimsuit and nothing more, choose your beach, sit back and enjoy!

2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is famous for its sizzling summer days and gorgeous, dark bodies. And there’s certainly room for more.

A city of 7 million, Rio delivers the best of Brazilian culture, cuisine and nightlife straight to you on the shores of Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. There you’ll find an array of body types and skin tones, covered (or not) in some of world’s most outlandish beach fashions.

Still, there’s always a Rio style for you. From local vendors to high-end boutiques, immersion in Rio’s shopping scene is hard to avoid. Swimwear and accessories are particularly easily to find and are often unparalleled in quality and price.

Rio is also known for its seemingly harmonious mixture of races, all of which are represented in some way in the cultural richness of the city. You’re bound to feel right at home in Rio de Janeiro.

1. Dominican Republic

Much can be said about the influence of America’s Domincanos in urban music and culture. It’s another thing to experience it first hand in one of the Caribbean’s most breathtaking and fun-filled destinations.

The Dominican Republic truly has everything for us this summer.Color, rhythm, music and exceptional beaches.

The strong tourism industry means English speakers are always to be found. Lingering in the background, you’ll hear the sound of the beautiful Spanish language, its music and its excitement and most of all, the warm Dominican people.

DR is also a particular treat for ‘all the single ladies’. You can find men of all shapes, sizes, colors and styles, even if it’s just for a quick look. Check out Dominican-born model Valdee Duran for some inspiration:

“He Can Get It” Wednesday: Valdee Duran

So this summer you should definitely consider taking that short flight down to the Dominican Republic. It’s a black girls paradise.