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Top 5 Black-Owned Shoe Brands

AFRICANGLOBE – For most women, shoes and handbags are where it’s at when it comes to fashion. The fact is, some of the most stylish and well-made shoes on the market today are made by Black women and men. Here are the top 5 Black-owned shoe designers:

3 Best Vacation Destinations To Be A Black Woman This Summer

Summer has arrived and it’s time for you to be seen. If you haven’t already made the switch from spring to summer fashion you’re probably in need of a range of changes, such as some serious swimsuit styling or a new pair of bikini heels. But don’t forget that, when your self-confidence means everything, summer is going to be all about knowing and going to the best places for you to act your beautiful, black self.

17 Awesome Outfit Ideas for Black Women this Season

Looking for fashion ideas for black women? How black women should dress up to have a glamorous look.Well, we bring this collection of 17 popular outfit Ideas for black women only. From this collection you will get lot of ideas for black women styling. From the casual outfits to formal , street style to special occasion dresses, get ideas how to match your outfits from these images. There are some cool fashion ideas for black plus size women as to how they can style their outfits for elegant look.

Natural Hair Care Tips for Black Women

We all have different hair types and those of us who are of African extraction can have a unique set of problems and challenges. There is that extremely curly hair type to contend with; then there is the coarse texture to contend with. The dryness and crinkly texture of hair can make hair not only difficult to style and keep in control; but even growing hair beyond a certain length can be difficult. Here’s what you can do to take care and control of that African hair:

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