Men Cornrow

Made popular by many basketball players and actors, corn-row is the hair style that men can wear anywhere. It is durable and the maintenance time needed is fair.
Corn rows will probably not lose their popularity anytime soon. Hair styles for men have always been a bit short circuited in comparison to what women can acceptably due with their crowning glory. Short hair, buzzed hair, shaggy hair, crew cuts and white side walls seem to have been the extent of modern man’s image.
 With corn rows, they can express themselves in a variety of ways and let their hair grow without being referred to as the shaggy dog. They can bundle the braids back, let them swing from their shoulders, and decorate them with a variety of beads. The great part is, once the labor of love has braided all their locks into place, they can wash and go and never have to tell their girlfriends, “don’t muss my hair.”


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