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Nubian Twist

Nubian twists hair style is created by twisting two-strand section of hair on scalp with extensions. They are very soft, smooth, low maintenance and light weighted Nubian braids and Nubian Twist styles. The extensions are already curled; no need of re-curling and only twisting with extensions is enough. There are many hair styles and twists such as Senegalese Twists, Kinky Twists etc. If anyone, prefer to have a short hair style with twists than - it is preferred to have Nubian Twists.
These Nubian Twists are very tight and appear very short in look wise. Definitely high care should be provided for Nubian Twists. Nubian Twists should be kept on the scalp for a period of 2 to 3 months. Beyond three months there could be a possibility of hair damage or hair turns into weak hair. The most suitable hair for Nubian Twist braid extensions are used on American African hair scalp. Ideally these Nubian twist styles are created to get rid of daily stress, heat and chemicals.


There was a time when celebrities were the only women who wore -- or could afford to wear -- hair weaves. Back then, the fact that the hair on their heads didn't actually grow out of their scalps was a hush-hush affair. Not anymore! Today, many women experiment with hair additions in every length, color and texture. Instead of simply being a way to add inches and volume to your style, hair weaves have become a way to introduce variety to your style repertoire. Plus, there are some useful benefits to wearing hair weaves. Weaves are designed to be worn for a short amount of time, anywhere from one day to a couple of months. Unlike a haircut, which you have to wait on to grow out, hair weaves are low commitment options.

Crochet Braids

Back in the early 1990’s you could find crochet braids hairstyles on plenty of African American women on the block. Getting long wavy hair fast was the thing to do. The crochet techniques have come a long way from the 90’s. Whatever look you desire can be achieved fairly easy today. Walking in any store that sells hair will yield options for different textures, colors and lengths. This all means a proper installation of crochet braids will result in flawless looking natural hair. It can be hard for people to tell the difference from weave and REAL long healthy thirsty roots that grew out of your head today.

Senegalese Twist

Senegalese twists are a popular hairstyle recommended by many trendy women. They are considered more attractive compared to traditional braids. People wearing it usually like natural hair.This style is convenient for both natural hair and hair extensions. Senegalese Twists and Kinky Twist have a lot in common. In fact, they’re braided about the same way but, the difference is in the hair that’s used. When you’re braiding Senegalese twists you want to use a very straight hair which is usually synthetic. Senegalese Twist have a real clean look and bring royalty to a beautiful garden.

Kinky Twist

This style shows how beautiful a woman's posture can be. This  is trending among woman with confidence not afraid to make themselves stand out. It is confortable for all time of the year. It is a short air style where the stylist twists the hair to give the impression of a  short hair cut. Kinky Twists are by far the most popular black hair style our customers want. Short hair or long, Kinky Twist Braid styles keeps you looking like you’re all dressed up even when you’re wearing jeans. This is style is fashionable all year around and is a nice change from Micro Braids. Keeping your Kinky Twist curly shouldn’t be a problem either.

Women Cornrow

Many many years follow this style. Traditional style that conquered the heart of women, corn-row has been styling princesses for centuries. It made a come back when people realized how efficient it is and how durable it can be. This fits everywhere occasion and will make any lady a princess.
Often favored for their easy maintenance, rows can be left in for weeks at a time if maintained through careful washing of the hair and regular oiling of the scalp.
Cornrowed hairstyles are sometimes adorned with beads or cowry shells.

Men Twist

Black mens hairstyles twist are very popular these days. They seem to be a part of a new revolution of hairstyles that are emerging for men who want more individuality from their hair. Kinky, textured hair is very versatile and can be worn in a wide range of styles. Afro hair twists are a popular style among those with unprocessed, kinky hair. Twists are especially convenient for black Afro men hair because black hair keeps many of the traditional characteristics of African hair, which is naturally curly, wiry, and textured. 
Twists help a man to wear his natural hair in a proper and charming way. After making twists of your hair the twists are then moved back in Afro manner. This will give modish look to your style and is best if your hair are friendly to twists.

Men Cornrow

Made popular by many basketball players and actors, corn-row is the hair style that men can wear anywhere. It is durable and the maintenance time needed is fair.
Corn rows will probably not lose their popularity anytime soon. Hair styles for men have always been a bit short circuited in comparison to what women can acceptably due with their crowning glory. Short hair, buzzed hair, shaggy hair, crew cuts and white side walls seem to have been the extent of modern man’s image.
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