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Box Braids

Box Braids


Box braids have been quite a popular hair style among women. It has been proven to be cross generational. Box braids have been in existence since the egyptian times. They provide a drastic change to one’s personality by portraying a royal image of the person wearing them. The box braids styles are trending and getting very popular among women of all ages around the world.
In the USA, we have seen stars like Janet Jackson or Beyonce wearing box braids. This could be seen from the early 90s with other stars like Brandy.
How does it apply to Royal African Hair Braiding philosophy?
You've got the right question. Style is your choice!!
All deposits are applied toward the hair braiding style selected or transferred to another style of your choosing.
Appointment* is required for finalize the process.


Starting at $150


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Editor's rating

At Royal African Hair Braiding we have developped a rating system
to help you make a faster decision regarding your hair style.
We have rated different elements:
Personality,  how this style boost your character with 10 being maximum boost
Style, how this style fashions you into today's trends with 10 being very trendy
Maintainance, how easy it is to take care of with 10 being very easy.
Salon Time, how long it takes to make with 10 being very short time.
Price, how much it cost with 10 being very affordable
We hope this rating system will help you decide.
8Overall8Personality10Styles6Maintenance7Salon Time7Price

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