Micro Braids

This is a secret weapon for women. This hair fashion style is really trendy. It is confortable for the winter and useful / durable for the summer. It is a thinly braided hairstyle  which makes braids almost invisible and looking like a singe thread. In a sense they are becoming your new hare that you can style and customize however your want from curling to ponytails and so on.
 Micros are a very popular braided hairstyle for african americans. Many woman like to wear them for the versatility that micros have when comes to styling. You can put your hair in so many updos and fancy hair arrangements. Also its a chance to wear you hair long without the hassles of have to style it everyday. With wet n wavy hair extensions you can have the wavy curly look and with ponytail or yacky hair you can have that bone straight look. So many options.


Starting at $150


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Salon Time, how long it takes to make with 10 being very short time.
Price, how much it cost with 10 being very affordable
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