Nubian Twist

Nubian twists hair style is created by twisting two-strand section of hair on scalp with extensions. They are very soft, smooth, low maintenance and light weighted Nubian braids and Nubian Twist styles. The extensions are already curled; no need of re-curling and only twisting with extensions is enough. There are many hair styles and twists such as Senegalese Twists, Kinky Twists etc. If anyone, prefer to have a short hair style with twists than - it is preferred to have Nubian Twists.
These Nubian Twists are very tight and appear very short in look wise. Definitely high care should be provided for Nubian Twists. Nubian Twists should be kept on the scalp for a period of 2 to 3 months. Beyond three months there could be a possibility of hair damage or hair turns into weak hair. The most suitable hair for Nubian Twist braid extensions are used on American African hair scalp. Ideally these Nubian twist styles are created to get rid of daily stress, heat and chemicals.
Nubian Braids are added to the natural hair with Nubian hair braids together at root to secure the roots. The twisting pattern can be made to look more beautiful as per the volume of hair availability on the scalp. The Nubian twists release the feeling of springs when you touch and pull it. This is the main characteristic of Nubian Twists.


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